Introducing Mr. Power Charger… The Worlds #1 Public Charging Solution for Cafes, Restaurants, Bars & Hotels!

  • Wireless dual-sided Menu Holder / Advertisement Stand
  • Fast charging

Loaded bundle with all you need including:

  • 4 x Mr.PowerChragers – Each stand with 10,000mAh battery
  • Enough for each stand to top off 15-20 phones throughout the day
  • 4 x Acrylic menu holders
  • 4 x Lockable devices *Optional Use
  • Works with iPhones, Android phones and tablets
  • 4 x USB Multi-Charging Cables


Product Description

Give your customers a fast charge while showcasing your company’s products & services!

This bundle is perfect to start off with and includes everything you need! The best value if you’re new to adding Mr. PowerCharger to your business!

Our tabletop menu holders are widely used in restaurants and cafes. Ideally, they work best for food and drink menus. Sometimes, it can just be a display or special offer that is placed inside the holder! The 4 USB ports on each stand allows your customers to charge any phone! Charge any device you want on our table menu holders and display along the way!