Our Goal

Mr.PowerCharger’s goal is to provide certainty that you will never run out of battery wherever you are. We also want to provide a solution that businesses can offer to achieve this in a simple and effective way.

We use our phones a lot… We’re also on the move a lot! We have a solution for restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars that people can rely on! By calling in to a premises that can serve you with a Mr.PowerCharger, you can sit down with your phone charging by your side instead of locking it inside a power bank or behind a counter!

By building up a network of menu power stands in cafes, restaurants and bars, we can help you find somewhere to charge your phone while having a beverage or snack – Benefiting you and the business that can provide you with a better service!

Companies – Think again!

We’re sure you’ve been asked by a customer to charge a phone in your bar, cafe or restaurant! It’s a pain, right? It’s then your responsibility and the customer is left without their phone while it’s charging – Not good! Think again and try out a Mr.PowerCharger. By going with us, your premises will be placed as a “ChargeUp Point” on our map (optional) and people nearby can call in!

On our power stand, you can change your advertisements from time to time promoting any aspect of your business!

Provide a better service by handing your customers a Mr.PowerCharger and promote your own business in the mean time!

People – The best solution for you!

Use our community map to find a location you will find Mr.PowerCharger and rest assured… You’ll be charged back up in no time! Sit down and have a snack, drink or break while you wait to power up!

Keeping Charged!

Our mission goes beyond power banks. We realise the importance of mobile devices in our day to day life. We also understand it can be a pain when your battery is low and you’re not at home. In the future, our goal is to continue to offer more products and services that help solve this problem.

We start with Mr.PowerCharger – The 2 in one menu power stand that gives cafés, hotels, bars and restaurants the opportunity to provide a better service!

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